Lingap Karunungan

In terms of sustainability, PrimeWater firmly believes in the power of education to create a lasting impact. In addition to investing in new technology and innovative water supply methods, PrimeWater is dedicated to educating the public about the water system and water-saving practices.


Through its arm for information, education, and communication campaigns, known as Lingap Karunungan, PrimeWater conducts orientations in barangays, educating them about the interconnectedness of water systems, health, the environment, and the role of concessionaires.

Within this arm, there are specific initiatives, including:

Project Bida: IEC Online and Print Campaign

A campaign to showcase PrimeWater’s ongoing, completed, and forthcoming projects through a combination of digital platforms and printed materials.

TalaKAYAnan: Talakayan sa Pamayanan

An outreach effort aimed at visiting local communities to raise awareness about PrimeWater’s projects and programs while advocating for hygiene and sanitation and water conservation.

PrimeKaalaman: Series of Water-Related Facts

A collection of video and photo content advocating for accessible and sustainable water and sanitation management through the use of artcards and AVPs.

Once Upon a Prime: PrimeWater Social Stories

A documentary-style video that shares real-life stories of individuals involved in PrimeWater’s operations, its concessionaires, partners, and the beneficiaries of the DNP.