Lingap Kabuhayan

PrimeWater acknowledges the vital importance of providing livelihood opportunities for the sustenance of communities. In an endeavor to create small businesses that can bolster households, Daloy ng Paglingap has introduced Lingap Kabuhayan, a program dedicated to livelihood initiatives. 


Lingap Kabuhayan serves as an instrument to help Filipino families boost their income and has demonstrated its effectiveness in inspiring individuals and groups to strive for long-term financial goals through entrepreneurship and collaborative efforts with various sectors of society. 

This initiative encompasses several key programs:

Bayanihan sa Komunidad: Connecting Communities for Opportunities

A program that prioritizes the support of local businesses through the procurement of their products for use in PrimeWater’s relief operations. 

Katuwang: Collaboration with Local Cooperatives

A partnership program aiming to enhance the operational capacity of local cooperatives, while contributing to the growth and sustainability of the local economy. 

Local Payment Partnership (LPP) Program

A community-focused initiative that supports local livelihoods and offers PrimeWater’s concessionaires a secure and convenient way to pay their water bills.