Lingap Bukas Palad

Through its Lingap Bukas Palad initiative, PrimeWater is renowned for its diverse range of charitable efforts. These include providing handwashing facilities to communities, donating school supplies and equipment, distributing hygiene kits to rural families, organizing feeding programs, and participating in blood donations. 

PrimeWater proactively answers the call for nation-building, underscoring its unwavering dedication to providing community assistance that extends beyond utility services. With a resolute commitment to reaching and serving an even greater number of people in need, PrimeWater epitomizes the core values of compassion and community support. 

Within this arm, there are specific initiatives, including:

PusongPrime: Gift-Giving and Donation Drive

A program that represents PrimeWater’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement through gift-giving and outreach activities. 

Oplan Ahon: Disaster Relief Operations

A program that aids and empowers communities affected by disasters by distributing relief packs and supplying flushing and water rations to affected families. 

Tubig Saanman Project: Provision of Handwashing Facilities

An initiative focused on the donation and construction of handwashing facilities to assist the community, with the goal of fostering cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene.