Asked Questions


  1. Accomplished application form  
  2. Valid ID (Photocopy)  
  3. Barangay Certificate  
  4. Barangay Clearance  

In the absence of the Applicant bring the following: 

  1. Letter of Authorization  
  2. Valid ID of the Owner  
  3. Valid ID of the Authorized Representative 
  1. Any Property Owner, or Representative who resides in areas serviced by PrimeWater.  
  2. No existing Service Connection. 
  3. No pending Legal Case. 

Unpaid Water Bills after the specified Due Date. 

Billing Request

Send a message or call a branch near you.

You can pay through the PrimeWater App via AllBank, Digital Partners, QR Ph Partners, and PayMongo. Should you feel the need to transact personally, you are most welcome to drop by at our PrimeWater Office where we will be able to process payments regardless if it is Current or Past Due.

Just drop by our PrimeWater Office and provide your Customer Number to the Cashier. You can use your correct Customer Number indicated in your older billings since this information doesn’t change with every billing.

Technical Request

Send a message or call the nearest PrimeWater branch. Our Frontline/CSA Personnel will create a Ticket for you which will be forwarded to our Maintenance Team for scheduling and inspection.

Please be advised that there may be corresponding fees for the inspection and repair to be done. There are no corresponding fees for leak repairs before the Meter. Any leaks after the Meter are care of the Customer.

You may coordinate with the branch near you for disludging schedule.

  1. Proceed to frontline/CSA to request for inspection and replacement of meter.
  2. Bring valid ID and/or authorization letter of the account owner.

Product and Installation Request

  1. PrimeWater Frontline/CSA Personnel receives the Reconnection Request from the Customer. 
  2. PrimeWater Frontline/CSA Personnel creates a ticket in CSS System based on the Inspection Report and Cutting Fee (if applicable). 
  3. Customer will be asked to proceed to the Cashier for payment of Registration and Materials. 
    a. Customer can also pay the Back Dues, or Outstanding Balances on top of the Reconnection Fee.