Daloy ng Paglingap

PrimeWater serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration that goes beyond its core mission of delivering clean and safe water to communities. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Daloy ng Paglingap (DNP), PrimeWater has strengthened its bond with the Filipino people and enhanced the depth of its mission.

DNP covers four (4) major initiatives aimed at uplifting communities in various facets, including the environment, education, livelihood, and philanthropy. These initiatives are actively rolled out in over 36 provinces, all in alignment with the overarching objective of contributing to a better Philippines for every Filipino.

Lingap Karunungan

In terms of sustainability, PrimeWater firmly believes in the power of education to create a lasting impact. In addition to investing in new technology and innovative water supply methods, PrimeWater is dedicated to educating the public about the water system and water-saving practices.

Lingap Kalikasan

Looking ahead to a greener and more sustainable future, Lingap Kalikasan epitomizes PrimeWater’s dedication to environmental advocacy. It acts as a compassionate guardian of nature, playing an active role in conserving our natural resources.

Lingap Kabuhayan

PrimeWater acknowledges the vital importance of providing livelihood opportunities for the sustenance of communities. In an endeavor to create small businesses that can bolster households, Daloy ng Paglingap has introduced Lingap Kabuhayan, a program dedicated to livelihood initiatives.

Lingap Bukas Palad

Through its Lingap Bukas Palad initiative, PrimeWater is renowned for its diverse range of charitable efforts. These include providing handwashing facilities to communities, donating school supplies and equipment, distributing hygiene kits to rural families, organizing feeding programs, and participating in blood donations.